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In today’s How To, I’m sharing perspectives about digital marketing – which includes all electronic efforts to promote your products. I know I’ve done this before, but digital marketing evolves quickly meaning you’re constantly adapting your strategies and tactics to succeed. Take a look at the infographic provided by Sydacast to see some trends for digital marketing in 2014. Some examples of digital marketing

  •     Social media
  •     Corporate website/ blog
  •     Electronic kiosks
  •     Mobile marketing
  •     Apps

Basically, any electronic location where brands can promote to their target market is part of digital marketing. How to: digital marketing success

Content marketing

Content marketing is all the rage in the digital marketing space now. Of course, many of us ALWAYS focused on creating high quality content on a consistent basis and Google is now giving us our rewards for refusing to play backlinking, keyword stuffing, and otherwise gaming the search system. That’s because we knew high quality (valuable) content converts and, what is traffic if it doesn’t convert? For those of you new to the content marketing game, check out my new content marketing ebook for some pointers. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update was the final nail in the coffin for questionable SEO and new rumors that Google is reducing (or eliminating) the impact of backlinks creates the necessity for better content marketing strategies. Storytelling, video, and other content tools for driving emotional engagement are critically important for success in digital marketing.


Big data is a phenomenon unique to digital marketing, since traditional marketing suffered a distinct LACK of data. But, are we better off for having so MUCH data? Most experts agree: No!. Instead of helping, big data ensures we waste valuable time trying to make sense (and better decisions) from all that mess — BTW, take a look at my Four-Factor Model for generating actionable insights from big data. Despite problems, having data is better than having no data, so analytics are a big part of what’s changing in digital marketing.


We’ve said this for years, but mobile is now a BIG part of digital marketing success. Not only is responsive design a must for websites — destroying the model of having 2 different websites — but mobile apps are both more ubiquitous and resonate better with users. Think UX (user experience) and gamefication in your app development.


Social media was never free — hiring folks (or agencies) with the right skills was always expensive. But, now platforms are maturing and need revenue streams ie. ads. Facebook ads will likely be de rigour in the near future if brands want to show up. BTW, we’ve always suspected Adwords impacted Google search results and my own experience suggests a strong correlation between Adwords spending and search results. As a result, I’ve added Adwords as a service offering and several team members are well on their way toward Adwords certification to supplement our existing Analytics certification.

Social retail

The line between online and offline retail was never clear and is blurring even further. Smart stores offer coupons through mobile devices (and mobile apps) so customers can simply swipe their device rather than bother with clipping coupons. Retail stores now feature kiosk allowing customers to order online from the store, QR codes to discover more about the products they’re seeing, and apps like Shopkick to incentivize customers in the store. What’s needed is better WIFI within the store and enhanced apps to allow customers to consult friends for opinions prior to making purchases.

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