Orlando Search Engine Optimization | “New “Content Grouping” In Google Analytics Lets Your Group & Compare Content And Product Type Performance”

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By               : Ginny Marvin
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Google Analytics

Google Analytic’s

Google announced the launch of a new feature called Content Grouping to help users analyze performance of product and content categories. If you’ve been using Advanced Segments to aggregate products or types of content, Google says Content Grouping will be an easier and more helpful way to look at aggregated aggregated data.

A couple of things to note:

Content Grouping supports page grouping in three ways: through tracking code, a UI-based rules editor, and/or UI-based extraction rules. Once implemented, Content Groupings become a dimension of the content reports.  Users can see their data based on each group in addition to other primary dimensions. You can create up to five Content Groupings. Under each of those, however, you can define an unlimited number of Content Groups. For example, if you wanted to compare aggregated sales by Department, then you might create a Content Grouping called Department, and within that Content Grouping create Content Groups for Men, Women, Children. That would allow you to compare performance of the men’s, women’s and children’s clothing departments.

You can view aggregated numbers for all the pages in a product category and then drill down to see performance data for individual URLs. To get started, you create Content Groupings at the view level, under Admin > <view> > Content Grouping.

Data takes 24 hours to populate into reports. Content Grouping statistics can show up in Content reports that offer “Content Grouping” as a primary dimension. “Content Group” can also be used as a dimension in custom reports.

Here is Google’s introductory video for Content Grouping:

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