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By               : Rod Holmes
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One of the scariest things as a start-up – and there are a lot of scary things – is feeling unknown. There is so much to take care of, yet no matter how great your work is, your growth will be limited if you can’t be discovered. That’s why it’s incredibly important to perfect the craft of local marketing before you cater to any other audience. Your local audience is your most convenient and cost-effective audience, and potentially your most loyal, as well.

Before you start posting flyers to telephone polls, you should think about local SEO (search engine optimization) as a great way to let your start-up be seen in the modern world. By getting your business listed in local search directories like Google, Yahoo, and Bing (not to mention the dozens of others) you position your business to be included in relevant searches done locally. Even with all the ads shoe-horning their way to the top of search results, local search results are sharing the spotlight as the most noticeable listings, while regular organic listings are getting pushed farther and farther down the page.

And with the increasing use of mobile and its environment-sensitive searches, developing a thorough local SEO strategy will only become increasingly relevant. Imagine that hungry couple walking down Lincoln Ave, needing a mid-day bite. The woman pulls out her phone and searches for pizza. If your business has optimized its local listings, she will notice that famous red flag planted on the map declaring that your restaurant is one block away and open for business. If not, your business will be invisible and lose a lot of potential business. This anecdote is applicable to non-retail establishments, too. Any search for a product or service – whether its B2B or B2C – will feature local options prominently.

As a start-up looking for ways to get noticed, you should at the very least have a local SEO strategy to buoy your company in a sea of competition. Once that is accomplished, you can spread those flyers and pamphlets around to your heart’s content

Source : builtinchicago.org/blog/local-seo-gets-your-business-map

Webtasks provides Local SEO and Inbound Marketing solutions for individuals and small businesses that need to get found on the internet.

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