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Worldnow, the leading online technology, content and revenue-solutions company for local media, announced today that it is expanding its professional services to include Social Media consultative services.  The company earlier this year announced it hired a Director of Social Media and a partnership with a leading aggregator of social media data.

“This is a very exciting day for Worldnow. The high level of expertise that we offer along with in depth data aggregation, gives us a unique advantage in the local TV industry. Social has become critical for national programming and correlation is quickly becoming causation. Our niche is the ability to combine 15+ years of servicing local TV Newsrooms with our expert knowledge of social media, backed by powerful data.”, said Gloria Cid, VP of Marketing, Communications & Social Media, Worldnow. This new division will offer customized reporting based on a clients particular needs. There are two basic levels of reporting. The first is the Social Media Intelligence Report which gives a client a scorecard of their social performance on critical platforms such as Facebook and Twitter compared to a list of competitors of their choosing. This analysis looks at top performing content on those platforms and is followed up with key insights and recommendations to improve performance.

The next level of reporting is our Social Newsroom Planner.  This reporting positions social chatter as a newsrooms modern day, police scanner, wire service and beat reporter all in one!.  Our team will deliver daily reports giving stations the top 5 most highly engaged content in their market the last 24 hrs.  Real information in  real time. This is also supported by in depth monthly analytics and review of critical KPI’s for that market. As with the Social Media Intelligence report, the client can choose the competitors they wish to be measured against. Unlike other social metrics providers  this is more than dashboard reporting.  We are combing the art of social media with the science  (data) to back it up. Worldnow  has the unique ability to customize reports to fit the needs of clients and help them address whatever issue they are trying to solve for. On November 14th,  2013 TV Newscheck will be hosting and moderating a webinar entitled Drive Audience with Social Media. The focus of the webinar is to further explore the opportunity that social has created to growing audience. The guest panelist will include the Social Media team at Worldnow, Tania Yuki, CEO of Shareablee, Mike Murphy, GM of ABC 33/40. This is part 2 of a 2 part webinar series; the first  Boost News Ratings with the Right Digital Strategy was held back in March.

The social media offerings that will now be available include, social analytics and  consulting, advertising and campaign management. This is the latest development in Worldnow’s ongoing strategy of building on its technology base to offer digital media advice and services tailored to the local media industry. In the last 3 years, 13 of 14 RFP’s for platform services sought by broadcasters have been awarded to Worldnow giving them the #1 market share serving over 450+ local broadcasters around the country, covering over 80% of US households.

About WorldNow
WorldNow provides industry leading online publishing and revenue solutions for local media. Our cost efficient publishing platforms include innovative CMS solutions for site management, video and mobile publishing. Our online revenue solutions include a national advertising network, packaged local sales programs, classifieds and comprehensive sales training and support. Our online media, technology, and marketing teams have extensive experience in helping local media companies build profitable businesses on the Web. We support our technologies and services with in-depth strategic consultation incorporating market leading best practices for managing successful online businesses. Our full service solutions and support enable our clients to realize greater real-world profitability from their investment. Leverage our experience built over 15 years in partnership with more than 400 local media properties. Current WorldNow customers include: Allbritton, CBS Local Digital Media, Cox, Dispatch, Fisher, Fox TV Stations, Griffin, Landmark, Lilly Broadcasting, London Broadcasting, Medial General, Meredith, New Age Media, Quincy, Raycom Media, Reiten TV, Sagamore Hill, Sunbeam, Titan, Waterman, West Virginia Media, and Young Broadcasting. For more information please visit http://www.Worldnow.com. WorldNow services over 57 million monthly uniques and powers over 450 local broadcasters with 81% of US households covered.

Source : ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/worldnow-announces-social-media-strategic-183000225.html

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