Best Orlando SEO Company | “Google Hummingbird Update Affects Websites with Black Hat SEO”

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Hummingbird, which is the name of Google’s latest search algorithm, is designed to provide web users with enhanced results. An algorithm refers to the way Google sorts through the thousands and sometimes millions of search results to provide only the most relevant ones. SEO company, Avital Web, discusses the effects of the Google Hummingbird update. Avital Web is a top Internet marketing company that offers comprehensive SEO services. The team of web developers, marketing professionals and SEO experts at this internet marketing firm can help businesses and website owners optimize their sites, identify important keywords and key phrases, design their sites, design mobile sites, create and operate pay-per-click campaigns. Their extensive services allow clients to fully customize their experience and create vibrant, highly competitive sites.

The name “Hummingbird” refers to the fast, precise search method and results this new algorithm is designed to use and return. Although it went into effect several weeks ago, the change has only just now been announced. Google regularly updates its algorithms to ensure that its users have access to the best possible search results and to continue providing their users with the best service. Penguin and Panda were previous algorithm changes, but unlike Hummingbird, they only addressed flaws by updating the then-current algorithm. Hummingbird has completely changed the algorithm and only retains the most beneficial aspects of the previous ones.

While many users never noticed the change, Google hopes that Hummingbird is better able to match the meaning of specific search terms rather than simply focusing on a few words that are identified as important. Additionally, instead of returning generic search results, Hummingbird is designed to return the precise pages or information for which users are looking. Keywords are no longer as critical as precise, in-depth content that allows users to enter natural speech queries such as those performed using voice searches. Properly indexed sites are unlikely to have noticed a big change with Hummingbird. Search engine optimization is still beneficial for site users who use consistently high-quality, original content, according to Avital Web, Internet marketing firm. One of the best ways to ensure a site is properly indexed is to discuss specific needs and goals with an Internet marketing professional.

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