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Proper SEO of your WordPress site usually determine if you going to be seen at the top or frankly speaking, non-existant. There are couple hundreds of WordPress SEO plugins inside of WordPress repository and we have taken a step further to try SEOPressor, one of the WordPress SEO plugins that we often hear good things about. Unlike first time using an iOS app, where we are usually greeted with a welcome screen and small walkthrough of how it all works, SEOPressor pretty much goes straight to the point where it all matters: SEO your content pages. We were able to quickly grasp the essense of SEOPressor by following the guide that comes along with our purchase.

First thing we did was to go to one of our posts and start by entering a keyword. We’ve been doing SEO for quite some time, we know what SEO is, what keywords are and in fact, we have a huge map of keywords that we review quarterly for content marketing purposes. Basically each and every piece of our content has a keyword as a goal. We would just use that keyword for this WordPress SEO plugin. Upon clicking the “Analyze” button, we were shocked. Our score was below 50%, warningly colored in red. For quite some time we thought we were doing SEO correctly until SEOPressor pointed it out to us! Apparently, we were missing out on some important SEO elements and SEOPressor listed them for us, some were quick fixes, others required some rewrite on part of our content. I must confess, it’s easy to overlook if SEOPressor hadn’t pointed them out for us. The analysis was accurate, the score improved as we updated our content to appear optimized for search engines. We were able to know that we correctly used heading tags, image alt tags, font decorations like bolding and underlining, internal and external links as well as keyword placements, which were all important SEO ranking factors. SEO Pressor also provides a page within WordPress backend to show SEO scores of all pages and posts. This makes it very convenient to pinpoint content that needs more attention.

What the team at SEOPressor has done pretty well is the ability for us to analyze up to 3 keywords. SEOPressor also has a Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keyword suggestion feature, situated right below the analysis panel. We were able to know how other keywords were tightly related to the context of our content and used them sparingly. The plus point is that SEOPressor takes the LSI keywords into the analysis and adjusts the score. If we happened to use too many of such keywords, we will be warned with over-optimization prompt, which is one of the features we find extremely helpful.

On top of on-page analysis, SEOPressor offers us an easy way to have Google+ Authoship, Facebook OpenGraph tags and Twitter Card correctly placed into the source code of our content. We merely need to enable them in the settings page, add our G+, FB and Twitter profile URLs and they will all work right away, automatically. It also allows us to change it’s details just in case we need to. We have our tech team looked through the codes and additions of the tags and they were all done well. Awesome! They would call this the Social SEO.

On some of the pages where we needed to talk about products, people, events and reviews, we were able to quickly add rich structed data with SEOPressor. It comes situated below WordPress content editor and it’s intuitive and easy get it all setup correctly. Structured data or Rich Snippet allows us to show our content a little differently on search engine results page, especially on Google. Having them increases our CTR on search listing thereby quite effectively improve our organic ranking.

We are a publishing company. We have teams of authors and contributors and the challenge is that we need everyone to follow SEOPressor’s suggestions. We sent in a ticket to ask if we were able to set a minimum SEO score before a content was allowed to be published and got the answer within 6 hours. To our delight, it is already part of SEOPressor. The support walked us through the setup and we now have all content to go above 75% SEO score before it is allowed to go live! Talk about implementing an SEO culture, how easy!

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