Small Business SEO | “Simple And Smart SEO Tips For The Small Business Organizations”

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Whether you own a small business organization or a start-up company, you should always make sure that you have a proper presence in the available digital channels including the social media, search engines and the mobile marketing platforms. According to a survey by Google, 60% of the business organizations in the US don’t have a website and don’t follow SEO strategies, and a report by the Boston Consulting group also suggests that between the years 2012 and 2015, all those companies that use the web are predicted to grow 40% faster than all those that don’t. Such figures are certainly enough for a business organization to realize the importance of the internet for the success of any modern company. Search engine optimization will help you gain visibility among the search engines and this will be the first step to building awareness among the brands and to establish their online identity.

    Register with Google Analytics: While the tools of the webmaster give you information from the different search engines, Google Analytics can easily give you more information from the user’s point of view. It is necessary to understand how the users interact with your website in order to boost the quality of content and offer them a better experience. When you’re new to Google Analytics, you may get lost in the reports. You should use Analytics to find out the major traffic sources, the most popular landing pages, the popular exit pages and the most commonly used pages. This way, you can trigger your content towards the best use so that you can trigger the highest visitors.

    Register with webmaster tools from Google and Bing: If it is assumed that you already have a website, you can register with Google and Bing webmaster tools and also submit your sitemap at the same time. You must be wondering why. This is the best way to inform the search engines that you have a website and this is also a good way to find out what the search engines know about your content. Get e-mail notifications so that you can be notified of any email or any other changes.

    Register with Google Places: The main aim of your business should be to make it easier for the people to find you on the internet and for this, you have to register with Google Places for business. Registering your business with Google Places is completely free of cost and there are a number of benefits. You don’t need any special kind of knowledge to help register with the social media. The best part of registering with Google Places is that even when you don’t have a website, people will still be able to locate your business as they will get the address online.

    Embrace the social media: Whether you’re a small business or a start-up, you will always lag behind if you don’t embrace the social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are some of the most common social networking websites that you can take into account and if you still haven’t, get in touch with some social media expert who can help you on this.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can capture the largest audience through online marketing, you should first follow the above mentioned steps.

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