Orlando Local Search Engine Optimization | How to Change Your Name Without Ruining Your SEO

Source       : mashable.com
By               : Samantha Murphy Kelly
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There are plenty of factors to consider when debating whether to change your name — and most likely, search engine optimization (SEO) ranks pretty low on the list. But if you are someone who cares a lot about your brand online, a name change could hinder how it shows up in search results and what has taken long to cultivate.  My colleague Christina Warren, who has been married for more than a year now, is among the many who decided not to change her byline after years of building a collection of published work online. I was faced with the same question recently following my own nuptials.

Regardless of SEO, I decided my professional name would be Samantha Murphy Kelly, no hyphen. This would keep me recognizable to anyone trying to get in touch and not completely confuse everyone. Plus, how often do you fail to recognize people in your Facebook news feed because their last name has changed? For me, that happens every single day.

For fun, I reached out to Google to see what they thought about my new name combination and how this approach would affect my personal SEO.

Although Google clearly doesn’t want to advise users on life decisions, it says preserving your maiden name actually falls in line with best SEO practices.

“Just in the interest of people being able to find you and your work — and if it’s otherwise all the same to you — you should probably preserve your maiden name,” a Google spokesperson said.

Source :  mashable dot com/2013/08/22/change-your-name-keep-seo/

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