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A little over a month after the launch of Google’s new algorithm (Panda), the record demonstrates that the sites that have suffered the most are those whose content is heterogeneous domain. Explanations and instructions.

Matt Cutts gives tips to solve the Google Panda algorithm

Understanding that seeks to Google with its algorithm

Ownership of content

Sites penalized by Google Panda have one thing in common: their content is not generated by the owner of the domain name. Crowd sourcing and content aggregation violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. This is the concept of web 2.0 which is thus specified by the famous search engine. Where webmasters thought centralization heterogeneous content within a site would allow better visibility of objects of aggregation, the Mountain View company seeks to determine who is the owner of content for their reallocation in the results pages Research (SERPs). Those who have seen their website traffic decline from August 12 thus have a question to ask: which pages of my site have content created by me and there are sources (the original owner of the objects, articles, videos, images), they are clearly identified by the Internet ? (Stop using redirects and nofollow!)

Technical solutions

The first technique is to read the webmaster guidelines and analysis tools for the Google webmaster (webmaster tools) and apply the rules strictly. New tags have been created so that users allow search engines to identify their sources:

Meta tag syndication-source  content = “ dot html» »
Meta tag original source  content = “ dot html» »

Create a dedicated page for each author and associate a google account more for the copyright page on the site is related to the profile of the author. The search engine will thus be able to identify the author with the tag rel = ‘author’ . Matts Cutts says its use in a video (you can concentrate on what he says but also on what it teaches us about what Google tries to do …) If you are looking to make traffic with content that originally do not belong to you optimize all the images (weight pixels, name, meta, alt, title), the text (use proxemics and synonymy) and find a way to enhance those that bring you content :. links to their sites, copyright notices, or use the rel = “author” to the true owner of content sure to add value to the content that you use. The philosophy seek to render service to the user , “render more service to be more visible.”

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New Webmaster Guidelines

On its official blog, Google regularly unveils techniques to comply with the new algorithm.
So you are now encouraged to use the tag rel = next and rel = prev to indicate, in addition to the canonical tag, which pages relate to an article in chronological order. Attention on CMS like wordpress, these integrated default tags are not “smart”, they merely indicate the previous and the following article for publication, without understanding the relationships between the items. Better to review the source code to adapt these guidelines for the uses indicated by google. The manual filter algorithm allows the search engine to manually assign the position of a website in classifying it as spam, totally or partially. If you have not already done so, open a “Webmaster Tools” account, you will soon find out if your site is sanctioned. Webmasters who cheat and are unmasked are sanctioned by Google manually. Better to not only have a certified Google user profile but also provide e-reputation “clean.” Semantic and Social echo sites internet is a key element for SEO which now passes through these echoes on authors. Reveal yourself!

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