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Over the last few months, several reports indicated that a new type of local search result was in the works. This result was spotted in the wild on several occasions. Most notably, here and here. As of today, Google confirmed that this new type of display is officially being rolled out. So far, the new design is only available when searching in the US. Here’s Google’s announcement: Today, we’re announcing an interactive “carousel” of results on Google Search for local dining, nightlife, hotels, and other attractions on desktop. This launch is English and US-only for now. The carousel has appeared since December in tablet searches in the US, and the desktop local search experience is now consistent. To give it a try, search for something like “mexican restaurant.” Users can click on a specific place to view more details and scroll through more results by clicking on the arrows on the side.

How can I get my business to show up in the carousel?
While we can’t guarantee inclusion in search results, we can say that the carousel will show results from listings in Google Maps using categories. Just as in regular ranking, Google’s algorithms take into account many factors to select the places and results that are most relevant to the user. This algorithm-based approach is also used to decide which businesses are in the carousel.

Why is this feature only available for some business verticals?
We’re committed to providing users a high quality-search experience for every query. The carousel filtering experience is a good fit for some categories of local business. We will continue to experiment with different designs and interfaces to make sure that users get the information they’re looking for, fast.

I’d like to see this feature in more languages and countries, please! We’ll work as fast as we can to roll out new features in as many places as possible, but have nothing to announce at this time. My business is on the carousel, but I’d like to change the photo. How can I do that?The Google business listing is one of several sources we use for the photos in the carousel, and making sure high-quality images are posted to it will help improve your photo. However the image selection, like the actual ranking of businesses, is primarily decided by algorithms and so we can’t guarantee complete control over the image.

This is what the new results look like: It’s hard to predict how many verticals Google will show the carousel results for. Whether or not we will see this type of display for all local results at some point is yet to be seen. There are many implications that come with the new display. Ranking in the #1 spot for example, will no longer hold the same value. Photos will become a greater factor for conversion, and of course the number of reviews and the review score will play an even greater role in getting your business clicked on.

– See more at:  imprezziomarketing.com/seo-blog/google-places/google-announces-new-carousel-style-local-search-results/


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