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Local SEO

Local SEO

Since the development and rapid acceptance by online users of social networking sites in the early 2000s, social media marketing has become a major factor among small businesses.  Not just major branded corporations such as Nike, Levi’s, and Wrangler’s, but more and more small businesses are taking advantage of the platform’s power and influence with positive results. Let’s examine how social media platforms could enhance your small business.

Perhaps the best way to gauge social media’s power and influence is through measurable results. In terms of traffic to websites, businesses almost doubled their online traffic after they passed 1,000 Facebook likes. Most online users and shoppers rely on social media to make a purchasing decision or purchase a product or service through a recommendation on social media. Most social media users are more likely to buy a product or pay a service from a business connected with them. In addition, Facebook business pages have the highest number of generated customers, followed by LinkdIn and Twitter.

Negative perceptions

Direct leads from social media for a small business can be very low, especially in less interesting spaces. People aren’t very excited about re-tweeting news from a septic system cleaning business, for example.  Another big barrier for small businesses is the notion that social media is extremely hard and time-consuming. Social media advocates tend to be overzealous, believing everyone wants to tweet their every meal and check in wherever they go. But the reality is that many people don’t embrace a lifestyle of constant pluses, liking and pinning.

To make things worse, the mainstream message is that too much social media marketing somehow creates unwanted spam for potential customers.

Positive perceptions

Social media is often used as an “assist” as consumers determine the legitimacy and reputation of a business during purchasing.
Improved branding has human and search engine benefits.
Customer retention is often enhanced by a strong and responsive social media presence.
Word-of-mouth referrals regularly happen on social media, driving traffic to the website.
Rather than avoiding social media entirely, small businesses should recognize that these secondary benefits are critical. Rather than not use social media at all, perhaps they should lower expectations and start slow. Here are some guidelines:

1. Share valuable, educational, and engaging content to your target audience.
2. Share content to a particular social platform when traffic is at its peak.
3. To start discussions and keep the audience abuzz, ask questions.
4. Use social media for customer support and feedback collection.
5. Choose the social platform where most of your target audience are and make the most of it.
6. Manage only a handful of social media accounts to not lose focus on your social media marketing campaign.
7. Don’t automate highly customized content posts. It is better to show the personality and human-side of the business.
8. Don’t automate business “Thank you” posts. When a customer reaches out to you, find a way to build the contact into a relationship with a highly customized (i.e. human) response.
9. Don’t follow every person who follows you. Many are machines and bring no value.
10. Don’t “re-tweet” from other sources. It will only reduce the quality of your social media presence.

Source : news-journal.com/business/local_business/mills-social-media-marketing-can-benefit-small-businesses/article_a2eac87d-bce4-5dc4-8007-e84193209d34.html

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