Local SEO Services | “Research Shows Local SEO Improving Conversion Rate For Companies”

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San Francisco, CA — (SBWIRE) — The use of search-engine optimization continues to improve in its own importance as many turn to the internet in order to complete an ever-widening number of tasks. Small and medium-sized businesses current stand to gain greatly from the growing sector of the digital presence as it is optimized more efficiently than ever before.

The local SEO tasks are unique as the users search for businesses within their current area. The businesses themselves are looking to make “moment of interest connections” that spur potential visitors into actualized customers.

The conversion of intent into action for sellers is an important aspect, of course, and improving SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to be able to do so. A consumer study recently released showed that general stores, hotels, retail shops, and doctors/dentists were within the top five of those positively affected by localized SEO work.

One of the main factors for local searches include both the on-page SEO and search listing. Directory citations and reviews were also noted as highly important factors for SEO work. Search listings and directory citations are dealing more with external sites, especially among the most noted search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Search Engine Watch released reports that showed 85% of consumers read reviews for local businesses. Consumers placed their largest level of trust in “personal” digital recommendations that they believed were tailored to their needs and interests. Negative reviews were found to have less effect on overall rating in capturing traffic and conversion of potential customers.

Over 60% of all consumers stated they will read anywhere between two and six online reviews before they decide upon a given business. Such a task means that individuals tend to focus more on the positive rather than single negative remarks. It also allows a business to win over potential customers through multiple positives, rather than a customer betting on a single positive aspect. This means SEO work that focuses on more than one positive quality can make the difference for a business in conversion rate.

Source :  sbwire.com/press-releases/research-shows-local-seo-improving-conversion-rate-for-companies-308054.htm

Webtasks provides Local SEO and Inbound Marketing solutions for individuals and small businesses that need to get found on the internet.

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